I’m a software developer from Berlin, working for Small Improvements.

I’ve been involved with programming and software since my highschool years a the Steinbart Gymnasium in Duisburg. I studied Computer Science at Dortmund Technical University. In my diploma thesis I developed the concept for a web development framework for Serverside JavaScript, outlining a potential future that has since become widespread reality with the advent of node.js.

I took my first steps into software with PHP3 and Java around 1998. Since 2004 I did mostly serverside development in Ruby on Rails. I first loved how Ruby extended my horizon and became fascinated with all sorts of programming languages and paradigms ever since. Over the last few years I’ve drifted more and more towards frontend and full-stack development in Javascript and Typescript.

I take a holistic approach to software development, combining my theoretical knowledge from studying CS with my practical experience in designing and implementing complex software systems.

I love my MacBook, I enjoy taking photos with my Nikon D90, I like music, movies, food and art.

Curriculum Vitae

Jan Varwig

born 1982 in Duisburg, Germany

currently living in Berlin

Formal Education

  • Abitur (1993-2002)

    Steinbart Gymnasium Duisburg

  • Study of Applied Computer Science (10/2003 - 07/2009)

    Technische Universität Dortmund

    Main areas: heuristic optimization, graphical systems, compilers and hardware design

    In my diploma thesis I developed A Thin Web Application Framework Based on Server-Side JavaScript.

Work Experience

  • Tech Lead at Small Improvements 12/2017 - today

  • Senior Developer at Talon.One 01/2016 - 11/2017

    Development of a React and Typescript based frontend to our promotion engine, including a visual expression tree editor.

    Took part in creation of a simplified programming language that would allow customers to assemble complex rules in a simple and approachable way.

    Training and mentoring junior developers in general programming topics and React in particular.

  • Open Source Evangelist at HitFox Group GmbH 05/2015 - 12/2015

    Management of teams and processes in the TechDev department. Internal consulting in frontend technologies.

    Development and mentoring the frontend course of the HitFox Academy for juniors and trainees.

  • Senior software developer at Contentful 11/2012 - 04/2015

    Development of a cloud based content delivery infrastructure.

    Lead engineer for the AngularJS based frontend.

  • Development and project management for 9elements GmbH 12/2007 - 10/2012

    Development and supervision of several projects in Ruby on Rails, HTML5/JavaScript and Flex.

    Working as a hired freelancer during my studies, employed since 10/2009.

  • Freelance work for PEKiP e.V. 04/2005 - 10/2012

    Maintenance of several websites.

    Internal software development for administration of members and courses.

  • General Freelance work 2004 - 2009

    Several projects for customers not explicitly listed here.

  • Student assistant at ISF, Dortmund University 03/2007 - 12/2007

    Development of FEM software in C++/OpenGL

  • Freelance work for Mediastar GmbH 02/2004 - 10/2007

    Maintenance and administration of several Typo3-based websites.

    Search engine optimization.

    Setup and maintenance of the Websale eCommerce system.

Work Examples

  • Contentful

    Existing CMS have a legacy, page-centric view of the web. We created a new content management platform: API first, structured content and cloud-based. Contentful makes app content publishing simple. The user interface is a highly dynamic pure client-side web application, written in AngularJS and ShareJS.

  • Bertelsmann GED Vizualizer

    An interactive HTML5-based presentation tool for telling stories about global economic dynamics. Developed in BackboneJS, Chaplin, Coffeescript with a Rails backend for Bertelsmann Stiftung. Open Source.

    GED ProjectGithub

  • img.ly

    An image sharing site for Twitter that is suported by all major clients and hosting over 10 million images. Developed in Ruby on Rails.

  • Google Map Toolkit

    Interactive Widget for Deutsche Telekom to display availability of data networks and points of interest in Germany. Highly customizable, developed in CoffeeScript on the front-end and Ruby on Rails with a PostgreSQL database for spatial data management in the backend.

  • BP Sales Presenter

    Presentation tool for European Sales teams within BP. Developed in Flex 4.5, with client-server architecture, rights management and localization in 8 languages.