A few months ago I wrote ago I wrote about a user.js script I had written to solve one of my issues with Tumblr:

As much as I love Tumblr’s auto pagination, one of the big gripes I have with it is that after a while of scrolling it becomes absolutely deadly to mistakenly click on a link that makes the browser leave the page. Because all that content was loaded with Ajax, there’s no way of getting back to where you were except to repeat the scrolling orgy again.

The script was working fine but relied on an unpublished callback hook in the Tumblr Dashboard JavaScript code. Because of that, the script did not run as a Safari Extension, since Extensions only have access to a pages DOM but not to its JavaScript scope.

One day Tumblr changed something and the whole thing stopped working. So I rewrote it, this time coding against the DOM and not the JavaScript code. This opened up the possibility to create a Safari Extension and since that script was extremely simple, also a Chrome Extension.

You can download them both here: